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Custom Infused African Turquoise Bracelet

Custom Infused African Turquoise Bracelet


 Limited Quantities 

Due to demand, it may take 2-4 business days to get these bracelets shipped out to you.

These bracelets are handmade. They are composed of high quality, natural African Turquoise (Jasper) beads and highlighted with gold tone and brass ornaments. They are stretch bracelets and typically fit people with approx. 6 - 7” wrists. (15.2 - 17.8 cm) There is no clasp. It typically hangs a little loose on 6” wrists (an elegant drape) and will fit closer on 7” wrists.  If you need or prefer a larger or smaller size, contact us BEFORE PURCHASING by clicking contact on the menu at the top of this page with your wrist size and we will be glad to see if we can make you one to fit. There are instructions on how to measure your wrist size at the top of the page. 

The beads used are 8 mm.

No 2 bracelets will look alike.  Special care is taken when making each bracelet to be sure it is beautiful and each bead is hand selected that will be used in that bracelet.  Some beads have divets, cracks or small indentations.  They are not all perfectly round or perfectly smooth. This is normal for natural stones.

A special bracelet will be intuitively selected for you or whoever you purchase for when you place your order. 

Gemstones naturally have healing properties. To assist you more, this bracelet will be custom infused with new special proprietary energies to help you in ways that are divine for you  These energies are custom for each person and will never over-process you, cause side effects or conflict with any other work your are doing. 

Wear it as often as desired. It will benefit you each time. Wearing more than 1 of these bracelets at a time provides additional benefits that are significant.

If you want Stacey to scan to see if these energies will likely help you and/or someone else significantly, contact us by using the contact form on the menu. 


This beautiful gemstones are a form of Jasper that is found in Africa. They are natural stone and each stone is different and vary considerably in striation and color (dark green, medium green, light green, bright green, turquoise, brown, tan, gray and black). They are NOT dyed. It is much more durable than blue turquoise and is different than turquoise.  These are rare and natural gemstones.


DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee anyone’s well being will improve from wearing this bracelet. 

You are responsible for your own health and well being. Stacey Mayo is not a doctor and she and her company do not take responsibility for your well being. 

Since wearing this bracelet, I find am naturally making better choices in about how much to eat and when.”

Sam S.


“I feel more like myself again and am more confident and am moving forward in ways that feel really good.”

Theresa L. 

“After putting on the bracelet,  I found the project I was working on to be really easy; much more so than expected. It just flowed.”

Gina D.

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